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Click THIS LINK for TARGET video! 1st vid to pass 100k views!!

Little Richard Impersonator at the beach!
Brent Star as LITTLE RICHARD in a promo video..
Brent Star's fun STAR WARS "Hello" parody.
The "HAPPY" ATL Falcon Fan comedy skit! RISE UP FALCONS! SUPERBOWL 2017
The Elf and the Gingerbread Man. Classic and hilarious!
Brent Star as "The Gay Storm Trooper" and how ppl react to what they don't understand. Yikes!
(My 2nd video to go viral (on facebook).
The 'Johnny Mathis' #MannequinChallenge Holiday video!
Brent Star Stand UP
Brent Star in this weird "Pokemon THRILLER Video" 

With Comedienne Margaret Cho

Clowning w/ Margaret Cho-

quick funny #snapchat video of her singing "Kill My Rapist" with my impromptu interpertive dance

Holiday Videos...

Brent Star and Peter Cottontale in..."He done sat on my carrot!"
Sentimental tribute to Nat King Cole's song that we all love..."The Christmas Song"

Random Skits Playlist

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