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About Brent Star

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I have been doing comedy since the early 1800s. No but seriously, I studied theatre in the late 90's. I moved to Atlanta and started doing stand up on the side for a few months. during that short period, I noticed other comedians had a nick name, so upon a friend's suggestion, I became "Brent Star".  I went on to co-star in a national musical comedy play tour in 2000 called "A Good Man is Hard to Find, PT2" with that same name and then it stuck.  I then started doing my own variety shows, "The Brent Star Show"  where I showcased my different talents. A few years later, I got into drag in 2004 under that same name "Brent Star"  where I learned that sometimes all that glitter can be GOLD.


In 2010, after hearing every single day "you need to do stand up", I finally went back into it. This time I decided to combine my drag with my comedy and have been performing all over ATLANTA since (in additon to hosting Bingo shows twice a week!). I'm a regular at the famous Laughing Skull Comedy Club, and other popular Atlanta stand up spots (and wherever else I'm in demand,: private events....etc).


In July 2017, "Brent Star" won Atlanta's local GA VOICE award for Best Comedian for the fifth year in a row, winning followers for my unique video skits and blogs, featured on radio shows in Atlanta (B.98.5 with Tad and Melissa Morning Show and (2017) the REGULAR GUYS morning show), performed with Margaret Cho, and in the works for an upcoming reality show.

Thanks for reading!

-Brent Conley


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